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Frequently asked questions



Q : Do I need special features to receive an hairdresser at home ?


A : No. All we need is your favourite chair, a tap and a sink.
















Q : Can I take advantage of your visit to offer your services to friends and family members ?


A : Of course ! It even is fairly advised for two reasons. First, because the visit is free of transport charge for a bill over 30 €. It is so advised to group several haircuts if they are of lesser price (a man, for example, will take benefits of asking for a haircut for his friend/son/daughter). Second, because we have a « family offer » which gives you a 10% cut-off on the bill if you are more than four customers on a single shot. Though, it is strongly recommended to mention that when booking the rendezvous, so your favourite hairdresser will have time enough to satisfy your needs, as well as those of the other customers scheduled on the same day.




Q : Do I have to mention what I want to do with my hair before the appointment ?


A : No. We have everything we need to make any haircut, from the classiest to the most extravagant. Yet, if you want to colour your hair and if it’s your first use of HairYouAre services, it is then advised to mention your natural colour and the one you would like to have, so we’ll be able to provide you with the best results, fitting exactly your will.